Marshall County Health Department Quality Improvement

MCHD strives to become a high-performing organization that embraces quality improvement (QI) across all departments and programs. By adopting a ‘culture of quality,’ where leadership and staff are committed to improve the quality of programs, services and processes, MCHD will achieve improved levels of effectiveness, efficiency and client satisfaction.

MCHD has adopted a QI plan that utilizes the PRISM model of quality improvement. Since initiating QI at MCHD, several QI teams have successfully completed projects. We are moving toward a culture where QI is so natural that staff will work to establish root causes of a situation, even if a formal QI project is not launched

The Agency Performance Committee (APC) oversees QI efforts at MCHD. Shay Glover is the Agency Performance Coordinator.

Page last updated 2-13-2023