Marshall County Health Department Milk Testing

In addition to testing of private water sources, WKRL also performs dairy product testing for the Milk Safety Branch of the Kentucky Department for Public Health. The testing of dairy products has been the longest regulated group of food products in our county, with the exception of drinking water. With the widespread use of dairy products, especially by the very young and geriatric populations, it is crucial that these products be of an acceptable sanitary quality. The quality criterion we use are (1) Freedom from pathogenic bacterial and toxic substances; (2) Freedom from foreign material and (3) Low bacterial count. The FDA establishes and set acceptable procedures and limits for all analytical tests. Based on the test results, corrective action by the producer, manufacturer, etc. may need to be taken. However, the laboratory is not responsible for instituting or implementing any corrective actions regarding test results.

The laboratory and all analysts are required to complete certain quality assurance and quality control measures on a routine basis. FDA representatives inspect the laboratory, records and analyst techniques at least every two years while EPA representatives visit the lab at least once a year.

If you have any questions about the scope or capability of testing at WKRL, please contact Wendy  or call 270-252-2702.

Page last reviewed 12-12-2023