Marshall County Health Department Nutrition Services

Our RDs are Medicare*/Medicaid providers. Coverage of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) visits under private insurers varies and necessitates the beneficiary to check/acquire information with their provider regarding coverage. If applicable, out-of-pocket cost for MNT at MCHD is set at a fixed, affordable rate for any/all individuals wishing to see one of our RDs. Feel free to contact us at 270-527-1496 to acquire information about the cost of MNT and/or to schedule an appointment.

*MNT for Medicare beneficiaries (under Part B) currently covers for Gestational Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and/or non-dialysis kidney disease. Coverage necessitates the beneficiary to provide a Doctor’s order dated on or before the date of the MNT service at the MCHD. Failure to present/provide a Doctor’s order will NOT disallow individuals to receive services, (NOTE: DR. MUST SIGN; ANY/ALL OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONAL SIGNATURES ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY MEDICARE) but will result in payment of services defaulting to the beneficiary (client) receiving the service if a doctor’s order is not provided. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide a written doctor’s order.

Nutrition services includes the following:

: obtain individualized counseling on a variety of conditions that includes, but not exclusive to, DIABETES, heart disease, weight management, hypertension, lipid abnormalities (high cholesterol), and sports nutrition. Call 270-527-1496 to schedule an individualized nutrition education session with one of our RDs.  See above information regarding cost and insurance coverage.