Marshall County Health Department Nutrition Services

The Marshall County Public Health Department’s (MCPHD) Nutrition Services Branch is committed to providing services that benefit the health of our community. Our staff of Registered Dieticians (RDs) provides a wide array of clinical and COMMUNITY NUTRITION services. In addition to being registered and licensed to practice in the state of Kentucky, our staff currently holds additional certifications and training in the following areas:

Our RDs are Medicare*/Medicaid providers. Coverage of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) visits under private insurers varies and necessitates the beneficiary to check/acquire information with their provider regarding coverage. If applicable, out-of-pocket cost for MNT at MCPHD is set at a fixed, affordable rate for any/all individuals wishing to see one of our RDs. Feel free to contact us at 270.527.1496 to acquire information about the cost of MNT and/or to schedule an appointment.

*MNT for Medicare beneficiaries (under Part B) currently covers for Gestational Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and/or non-dialysis kidney disease. Coverage necessitates the beneficiary to provide a Doctor’s order dated on or before the date of the MNT service at the MCPHD. Failure to present/provide a Doctor’s order will NOT disallow individuals to receive services, (NOTE: DR. MUST SIGN; ANY/ALL OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONAL SIGNATURES ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY MEDICARE) but will result in payment of services defaulting to the beneficiary (client) receiving the service if a doctor’s order is not provided. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide a written doctor’s order.

Nutrition services includes the following:

: obtain individualized counseling on a variety of conditions that includes, but not exclusive to, DIABETES, heart disease, weight management, hypertension, lipid abnormalities (high cholesterol), and sports nutrition. Call 270-527-1496 to schedule an individualized nutrition education session with one of our RDs. Appointments are available most days of the week Monday through Friday. See above information regarding cost and insurance coverage.


The Nutrition Services Branch of the Marshall County Health Department participates in a wide variety of community events to promote and teach health and wellness. These events include speaking at schools, universities, businesses, and groups. We precept for dietetic interns from Murray State University, University of Kentucky, and other universities throughout the country. We provide nutrition/health education and menu reviews for our local senior citizens centers, Exceptional Center, and Marshall County Detention Center, respectively. Additionally, we participate in health fairs throughout the community and provide assistance with WORKSITE WELLNESS programs for employers. Aside from promoting health via nutrition, we also help to coordinate and promote various COMMUNITY FITNESS EVENTS in the Marshall County Community and oversee the TEAM ULTRA after-school program. If you are interested in our staff providing educational sessions/seminars, preceptorship opportunities for your university’s internship, assistance with your WORKSITE WELLNESS program, and/or guest speak at your facility and/or event, call us at 270.252.2704.


The Marshall County Health Department’s Nutrition Services team offers nutrition education sessions and guest speaking opportunities to all of our schools. To schedule a session please feel free to contact us at 270.252.2704. We can work with you to provide nutrition education and supplement/meet your curriculum needs at all ages/levels.


Team Ultra is an after-school program for 3rd – 5th grade students that promotes both character and physical health. What started as a an after-school running club at Sharpe Elementary School has evolved into the Team Ultra program present in all six of Marshall County’s Public Elementary Schools. Team Ultra meets one day per week for each Team Ultra group at our schools. The program operates from September through March each year (sign up for the program occurs in August) and concludes with a Team Ultra Field Day on the campus of Marshall County High School. Team Ultra Field Day gathers all Team Ultra school groups together for a day of education and Team Ultra games. Aside from students and parents that support Team Ultra, the MCPHD is assisted by staff at each elementary school that includes individuals that work in the AmeriCorps program and Family Resource Centers. If you would like to know more information about the Team Ultra Program, please contact us at 270.252.2704.


In addition to promoting/encouraging wellness initiatives for MCPHD staff, the Nutrition Services team at the MCPHD provides/coordinates services with other branches of our department to help employers meet the needs of their worksite wellness initiatives. These services include biometrics (blood work, height, weight, and blood pressure), educational seminars on a variety of health topics, health risk assessment (HRA) distribution/reporting, and/or wellness coaching with a Registered Dietician (RD) on-site. Availability, cost, and scheduling varies depending upon your facility’s needs. If interested, please contact us at 270.252.2704 for more information.

Marshall County Moves Facebook Page

In July of 2020, the Marshall County Health Coalition Obesity Workgroup established the MC Moves Facebook page in an effort to promote physical activity in Marshall County.  A spot whereby any/all can go to be informed of opportunities in the Marshall County community to engage in physical activity as well as receive valuable information related to nutritional health and well-being.

Visit the Marshall County Moves Facebook page!