Marshall County First Responder Information

The Center for Disease Control notes that pre-event preparation, training, and access to readily available information, field assessment, and safety equipment are critical to minimizing consequent deaths, injuries, and illnesses, and to promote overall workforce resilience. Once the event occurs the responders are then placed under a time-urgent, dual-cognitive demand: 1) they must attend to the hazards (including attention to self and crew members’ safety and health), and 2) they must perform the work necessary to complete a rescue. In the post-event stage (72 hours after the incident), responders may assess potential exposures, conduct rescues, and attempt recovery activities in constantly changing and complex hazardous environments.

Marshall County Health Department, in a partnership with the Marshall County Public Library system received a very important grant through the National Library of Medicine to offer this page for the use of Emergency Responders.  Below you will find links to very valuable resources to assist in responding to many different events.

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