Marshall County Health Department

Marshall County Health Department Leadership Team

Billy Pitts Jennifer Brown Michael Carlson
Public Health Director Public Health Services Manager Environmental Director
Joanna Colson Jennifer Herndon Jamie Hughes
Clinical Director Support Services Supervisor Human Resources Manager
Wendy Rose
Paul Rudd Cathy Thompson
Environmental Lab Director Nutrition Services Manager Finance Director
As a voluntary member of the MCHD Leadership Team, I pledge to be a LEADER:
I will lead" my department with integrity, honesty and
responsibility; I will help my team move forward toward our vision and goals;
I will be a role model for _positive leadership; I will act within the scope of my position; I will recognize and appreciate the stewardship of my position;
I will be accountable for my own decisions and actions; I will
establish clear expectations and will hold my staff accountable;
I will show dedication in service to my leaders, fellow team members, employees, and community; I will _provide and earn the trust of my team members;
I will have a positive attitude and share positive energy; I will continually educate myself on health department programs;
I will act respectfully and in the best interest of the team; I will seek to find mutually acceptable resolutions to conflict; I will be non­judgmental; I will have respect for all team members; I will not listen to or spread gossip; I will remember that we are all equally important in the positions we hold.
As a voluntary member of the MCHD Leadership Team, 
I pledge to be a LEADER.
Lead courageously with honesty, humility, and integrity while being a source of encouragement for others.
Engage, participate, learn from, and inspire each other.
Acknowledge the strengths and gifts of others.
Dedicate myself to show up, participate, and follow through.
Empower myself and others to make a difference.
Respect myself and others by offering grace and embracing individual strengths, beliefs, and values.