Marshall County Health Department

Marshall County Health Department Employee Recognition Program

In September of 2015 we began our Employee Recognition Program to identify staff members going Above and Beyond the normal call of duty.  Each month one employee is recognized for their efforts and named the Employee Pursuing Excellence. Congratulations to these staff who received this recognition!
Stacey Smith
September 2015
Sandy White
October 2015
Wendy Rose
November 2015
Cathy Thompson
December 2015
Lori Henry
January 2016
Billy Pitts
February 2016
Juli Conner
March 2016
Joanna Colson
April 2016
Missy Gore
May 2016
Marie Emery
June 2016
Melanie Reason
July 2016
Jenny Dortch
August 2016
Kayle Sanders
September 2016
Ellen Litchfield
October 2016
Barb Selwitz
November 2016
Sunetta Barrett
December 2016
Austin Boaz
January 2017
Rhonda Collins
February 2017
Rachel Bedwell
March 2017
Paul Rudd
April 2017
Sheri Erwin
May 2017
Shay Glover
June 2017
Amber Houk
July 2017
Cynthia Landon
August 2017
Michael Carlson
September 2017
Jennifer Herndon
October 2017
Cathy Sanderson
November 2017
Theresa Angle
December 2017
Misty Morris
January 2018
Tim Rice
February 2018
Jennifer Brown
March 2018
Greg Adams
April 2018
Jamie Hughes
May 2018
Jennifer Henderson
June 2018
Charity Burgess
July 2018
Wendy Rose
August 2018
Cathy Sanderson
September 2018
Rachel Bedwell
October 2018
Greg Adams
November 2018
Missy Gore
December 2018